Joy Marie Mann, otherwise known as “Savage Joy,” is an activist with a video-podcast, in which she has interviewed over 200 people from the progressive movement; including candidates, representatives, public figures, and activists. She is a hardcore Berner, (Even Though he’s been really pissing her off). Joy resides in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with her husband and pomeranian, Duchess.

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Patrick Cote dabbles part-time in satire, activism,and journalism. He published his first parody book, "An Inconvenient Douche" under the name "Peter Douche," and is currently working on "When Life Gives You Don Lemons" under the parody name of Nate's Liver.

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Danny Hellman's drawings have appeared in countless publications since 1988, including the New York Press and SCREW magazine. Hellman lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and daughter. 

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